Our Newest Addition!!!

If you can imagine working for weeks on moving and getting things settled and then getting a call…not just any call but a wonderful call!!! “Can you take another child? She was with another Chinese family but they are not able to take care of her anymore…Can you get her tomorrow?” I here this and my heart leaps with joy. Now please don’t think that I wish any child to need this kind of help…but I’m just saying, if they need to be rescued and have a home…I love that they come to mine:-) They more the merrier!!! That statement was never so true until last week! When WhenI arrived to pick her up I was nervous and excited! This is always how I feel….it will never be “another child”…it will always be “I’m getting a baby!!!” lol even if they are not babies:-) That’s my southern Momma’s heart coming out…we call all our little loves “baby”:-) They kids have started getting used to it but the oldest girl can’t handle it…she stops me and tells me she is NOT a baby and I don’t need to call her that. It’s too hard to explain the reason I just say, I’m sorry…I forgot!:-)

Well my new baby came in the room with a very sad face. She looked a little lifeless. they carried her in and sat her on the couch.” She is 4″, they said, “and she doesn’t like to smile but she can and she can wave…but she won’t”. So I anticipate many things but I can see a twinkle in her eyes:-) They leave and I go to her and pick her up and she just looked at me. The Foster office director talked to me about the situation and I held back the tears. She is an angel and very strong. They told me she has cerebral palsy and can’t walk. I sat with her on my lap for a while and then we headed home. As we walked to the car she smiled:-) I knew immediately ¬†she was a strong little girl and VERY smart.

I named her Maddie:-) My dear friend and PR warrior in Texas is named Madeline…She has been such a support to me. I know she doesn’t have any grand children and I have been thinking for a while that I will name a child after her. After I saw Maddie I knew she was the one. I have only learned more about Maddie in the last week…She has strength and determination and the light of the Father shines through her! Everyone that walks in the house sees her smile and joy and they are in love! Maddie is precious and such a blessing. She has made such great progress this week! She is feeding herself, crawling, pulling up and walking along the side of the couch and coffee table! She is quite the little stubborn thing!!! She is very inquisitive:-) She gets into all sorts of things and is much smarter than any of us know:-) She is trying to talk!!! The Last two nights she was in her bed and trying to comfort one of the babies in her room that was crying. We could hear her saying “Shh”, “Shh”…if was so cute!! She cried very hard for about the first 5 days when it was time for bed. She doesn’t have good memories of beds or darkness, I think. Poor baby has had a very hard life and has scars to prove it but very quickly those scars are turning to faint memories. She is now happy to go to bed and has leaned so much about being obedient in the last week. I try to be very strict with all of them and have boundaries. It is hard when you know all the things they have experience in the past but I really believe this will help them to feel secure in my love and protection for them. We memorize the verse that says to “Obey your parents in the Lord”…We are also learning how to be patient!!! This is a hard one:-) Ya Mei often tells them, “Be patient, Be patient!” and we sing the “Have Patience Song” but meal times are the hardest:-) It s so great to see progress:-) But we still have crying babies at the dinner table when they are finished or Momma can’t get it in their mouth fast enough:-)

Please keep Maddie in your PRs and I will be sure to write more about her progress!!! Next week is Chinese New Year and i am giving all my workers the week off, starting Saturday! PR for us!!! LOL I have friends coming from Wuhan and I have 3 dutch volunteers here now so it will be fast and furious but tons of fun!!! I will blog after it is calm again!!!