November Birthdays in Apartment 15!!!

Eating cake was a favorite!!

Moxi with his Birthday board…He was doing his chinese man pose:-)

Riley Mei (Rosa) with her Birthday Board!!

Blowing out the candles:-)

The Birthday kids jumping on the trampoline!


This Was our first Birthday party planned by KANDICE!!! We are so grateful for all that our new helpers are doing here in our house:-) Kandice was an awesome birthday party planner:-) Anna, Moxi and Rosa all live in Apartment number 15(this just means they are on the 15th floor in our building:-) ) I decided we would have the birthday parties with the children in their groups. That’s a little less confusing than all 27 children at one party;-)

We had Cake, as you can see from the cute chocolate faces:-) The children played bubbles and jumped on the trampoline. We sang Happy Birthday in Chinese and then the children opened their presents!!! Kandice did such a great job shopping for the gifts!! Moxi got some new clothes and some really cute cars!!! He was precious because he immediately opened them and shared the cars with all his friends:-) Rosa(Who is being adopted and has the cute new name of Riley Mei) got some awesome new clothes including gold boots:-) and a ready bear! Anna got some blocks that she can organize in a little holder. She LOVES to organize things and put things in order. She immediately got started after opening the gift!!! Everyone was excited and felt special on their day!! Kandice made cute boards of all the children’s likes right now. Anna loved using hers down and Moxi just wanted to hold his shirt up and pretend he was a grown Chinese man(that’s how they pose). Rosa was cute as always! Since Anna loves to sing I tried to get here to sing a song for her birthday:-) Hope you enjoy a little bit of their special day!!!