New Year…New Life!

Well, it’s been longer than I would like since my last post!! Nothing seems to go as planned these days:-) The lesurly ┬áHoliday Season was very crazy with parties and friends and then we got the news that we had to move very quickly. I had in my mind that we would move very slowly over one months time….instead we told that we had to move all the children into a new home in 4 days:-( This was impossible in my mind!!! Good thing I am not in control:-) I sent out a few texts and emails and before I knew it people were poring in from all over China and even America to come and help with the move and the children. God is so good…He is faithful in everything!!! I am often amazed at how He knows exactly what we need when we need it. Encouragement and chastening, Love and a hug come right when you think you can’t go on. I will put many pictures so you can all see the helpers and the move! It was amazing!! there were over 10 people that came to help and most of them I had never met before! They came to help the children and serve the Lord in such a powerful way. We had to move because of an accident that happened in China with another home of children. this home was not registered with the government and when the accidental fire broke out and children died they blamed the woman that was helping the children. So as a safety they wanted all home that care for orphans to only have a few children in each home. Well I had 16 and that was not acceptable. They knew the higher authorities would send the kids back to the orphanage if we didn’t change the situation. Praise the Lord we already had a place to go. It wasn’t finished but it was workable. Everytime we were visited bythe government it worked out. I was so nervous and scared at times but He carried us all through! It was a crazy time and I have not really rested in so long but the Children are happy and safe and thriving now!!! They are learning more things in smaller groups and getting a more structured lifestyle. I love it!!! I am in the apartment with the 3 youngest and Ya Mei. It’s great to get to train them while they are young to obey and understand right and wrong. I try to spend time with all the children and also manage the work. It’s a big job but I enjoy it so much!!! I don’t exactly love keeping the very strict records but I know that in the end it is all worth it! I try to do all my book work and paper work in the car or at night when everyone is in bed. But at times that’s difficult because I am falling asleep too:-) I will write another blog soon that is full of exciting news but I wanted to get caught up with the last month first!!! Love to all!!

Brother Sister Love:-)Wonderful Volunteers!!

The Guys hard at work on the Move!!

Of course in a city that never snows….it snowed the day we moved:-)[gallery]