Meet Melodie

Hello!!!! I am Melodie!!! If you could only remember two things about me, you should remember I LOVE the Lord and I LOVE people. But more specifically, God has called me to China and I love Chinese people so very much. Sometimes I think I am really Chinese trapped inside this body!! At 10 years old, God called me to China. I knew after hearing the testimony of a visiting missionary family that I belonged in China…I really wanted to go that day But unfortunately they said I was too young SO, 18 years later I finally moved to the place my heart longed for!

It has been an amazing Journey and I am beyond grateful to be right where God wants me to be. I have a passion for children and being a Momma! After being a Music Educator in Texas for a couple of years and then teaching English in a Chinese University I have moved to another area of China to work as a Foster Mom to Special needs Children.

I can truly see how God used each step along the way to prepare me for this exciting Journey as a Mom. I have quite a bit of Texan inside me that will never leave and might be called a Texan Chinese. I try to not let the prominent accent pour over into the new language but it’s a challenge. My heart is in love with being where the Lord has me now…with the Children.