It’s been a while!!

I have not blogged in a while and if you get my newsletter you will understand why. If not…well it’s been busy!! I am just going to start with updating on a few things!!! First of all…WE HAVE 23 KIDS!!!! YAY for more babies!!! I want to introduce them!

First is Susie…She is 10 years old and full of all kinds of energy! lol When I asked what her special need was they told me she like to HUG??? I was so confused until I met her…lol. She is like a little leach! At first she was quite difficult to understand but I have grown to deeply love her. I feel so bad for her. I wish I knew better how to help her. She is very smart. She can feed herself, go tot he bathroom without help, get dressed and put her shoes on on her own and play nicely. She is very starved for attention. She is also unable to communicate verbally. She does feel very deeply. This week I chose to take her to the Hot Springs with us for a special day out. She is like a little fish!!! SHE LOVES THE WATER!!!! Normally she is very difficult to keep under control. But she was wonderful. We just let her play and she did a wonderful job of expressing herself through swimming. She loved the water:-)


Next is Jenny…She is 8 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. This child exudes the Love of the Lord!! When she smiles she lights up the room!! When she first came she didn’t like to use the part of her legs from her knees down but I am happy to say that she has been walking more and more now!!! She is such a cutie!! She loves to Play with Maddie(our other child with CP). They are good friends:-) I love to see how we have children who can be siblings for each other and love on each other!! It is a very special thing!


Next are GeGe and YanZi…GeGe is 6 months old and YanZi is 9 months old. These two little babies are without a doubt precious in every way…just like all babies:-) They love drinking their bottle. They were both in the hospital with Pneumonia for the first 10 days out of the orphanage. But I am thrilled to say that they are much better. YanZi struggles with a bad cough so please keep her in your prayers!! They are starting to gain weight but it’s a slow process. Yesterday I would have said they are starting to sleep through the night but last night ruined that;-) For some reason i have no problem with the middle of the night wake ups…they are so enjoyable…who needs sleep anyway?? I am So grateful for my friend Dannye who came back with me from America. She has had YanZi duty and I have had GeGe duty:-) We meet in the night from time to time:-) lol

Last but not least, Nienke…Her picture is first for some reason:-) She is 5 years old and I’m not exactly sure what her special need is. I can tell you that she responds very well to discipline and has become a very obedient child:-) She is very nervous to walk on her own but she is getting more and more courage:-) We love her…she loves morning play times and is very particular about her food;-) She loves it when I make noodles for dinner! She is also starting to sing!!! We watch a lot of veggie tales around our house and I can hear her humming along to the tune of the theme song:-) SOOOOOO cute!!! I also heard my Chinese worker singing the veggie tales song the other day;-) So funny!!


Well that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed the introductions!!! Blessings!!







GeGe(Sounds like Gugga)