Back to the Journey…

It is 5am China time and I have been awake since 3. i thought the jet lag was over…lol Oh wel, maybe this is not jet lag? Maybe this is “Oh My Word I’m 30 today!!!”, kind of no sleep:-) So grateful for my little guy who is sleeping next to me:-) He laughed his way to sleep last night. He brings me so much joy I can hardly contain myself!! I thought I would not have time to write this blog until the weekend but I guess this is the perfect time:-) “Those who can’t sleep, Blog!” and talk to their friends in America since people are awake there:-) Got to have a wonderful conversation with my best friend Jaqueline in these early morning hours:-) Love her and her husband and their faithfulness to the Father…Just grateful for people today. After 30 years of life I would have to say, people, weather they be family, friends, children, strangers…after the Father they are the most important to me. I just love people. I’m overwhelmed with gratefulness to so many who have come along side me and supported me throughout the years and recently, in my new Journey. Your love and encouragement and more importantly PR is far beyond anything I ever could have asked for.

Being in the US was such a wonderful time of seeing friends and speaking about the work and sharing about all the Father is doing here…but as everyone knows who saw me, I missed the children SOOOOOO much! Before I went to the US I was nervous about fitting in…i thought I might be too Chinese to still be Texan:-) But I realized that the Texan never leaves my heart and as chinese as I become I will always be a Texas girl:-)  I did speak chinese at the mexican food restaurant…lol kind of embarrassing! But it was a good laugh:-) I accomplished everything on my “To Do” list while in Texas…and that made me so happy! being with my family and friends was such a wonderful thing! I needed it so much!! But all the while I couldn’t wait to come back.

Arriving and being greeted my the four oldest girls at the airport was so much fun!!! they came along to welcome with Hans and Marianne!! I think they were surprised…even though they knew I was coming:-) I could not wait to see Sammy!!! When I got home and went to him he was eating and I immediately picked him up and loved on him:-) He started smiling and laughing and dancing in my arms:-) I cried tears of joy! We have been inseparable ever since:-) The other children were also happy to see me as well as the AYis:-) I am so happy here. It’s unexplainable.

We have been looking for a new house to move into. This is something that I am PRing will happen this week. Find the house and move next week. hans and Marianne will go back to the Netherlands for their time of rest and Pring we can move and get settled into our new home while they are gone. But whatever HE wants is what I want. Just PRing for direction. Last night we went to dinner out(we normally do that on Wednesday). I brought Sammy and we went to a steak place for my birthday. It was great! Then we had DQ ice cream and Sammy LOVED it:-) lol

Getting back into normal life has been easy, minus the no sleep but that’s ok. Not being a morning person is not always good but when you wake up at 3am it’s no problem to be fully functioning at 6:-)We have a full day ahead with looking for houses, going to the police station to talk about Visas for the visiting Dutch girls, looking for a new washer and dryer, etc. We are in need of an industrial sized washer and dryer. We have so many clothes to wash and dry that it takes so long to finish then in the small one. Also we can only hang the laundry to dry and in a cold damp house you can imagine that we are having issues!!! Please PR for the Father to lead us to the right place and provide for this!! It would be such a blessing!

Love you all…it’s almost 6am and I better get started:-) or at least make my coffee:-)