Sharing the Father’s Love

Journey of a Joyful Life is a foster home for the precious special needs children of China. It’s a place where they can learn and grow in a loving and encouraging environment. A place where they can see and experience the love of the Father and the joy He has over them.

Along with giving these children a loving family environment, it’s our goal to help them develop and learn through exciting learning opportunities and challenging educational activities. We want to equip the kids with lifelong skills that give them purpose throughout their lives. We believe it’s important for them to discover their different talents and interests and we strive to encourage them in those things daily.

Most importantly, our priority is to provide a quality of life that motivates our children to love Him with all their hearts. We also make every effort to share the love of the Father with everyone else we come in contact with, including our neighbors and Chinese helpers as well as neighborhood shopkeepers and our school teachers. We strive to be the lighthouse for our Father in a place of darkness.


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